We at Cactus Deer Processing have perfected what we feel is the best link and breakfast venison sausage available. Our Summer Sausage and Venison Jerky are tried and true recipes and we challenge you to find ANY better!

All of our steaks are individually muscled and trimmed. All products are vacuum-sealed to improve storage longevity.

The meat you bring in is the meat you get back, so please take proper care of your wild game before bringing it in for processing.

We also pride ourselves on running one of the cleanest processing businesses around, ensuring that you will receive a top-quality product.

216 S. Divide St.  |  Eldorado, Texas 76936  |  (325) 853-3809

(325) 226-0904 - Vaden  |  (325) 226-0909 - Kim

Basic Processing:  Includes quartering, muscling & trimming into steaks, roast, hamburger, or chili.
Whitetail Deer $100
Caping $35
Quartered Deer $75
Gutting $50
Mule Deer $115
Axis Deer $100
Elk & Other Larger Game $1/lb
(Tenderizing included in Basic Processing Fee, if desired)

Additional Products (Raw Weights)
Extra Grinding
(in excess of 10 lbs.)
Hamburger (20% beef) $2.00/lb.
Bacon-Wrapped Deer Fillets
(from backstrap or hind quarters)
Link Sausage - reg. / spicy / hot
(minimum 12.5 lbs.)
Breakfast Sausage - reg. / spicy / hot / sage
(minimum 12.5 lbs.)
Summer Sausage (minimum of 4lbs.)
(add cheese)
(add jalepeno)
Venison Chorizo
(minimum 10 lbs.)
Venison Jerky
(minimum 5 lbs.)

Snack Sticks
(minimum of 10lbs.)

Stew Meat $2.00/lb.

Deer Storage (if space is available) $20.00/day
Deposit on All Processing $100
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